Thursday, January 29, 2009

The hours pass
The day turns to night
I find myself not letting go of yesterday
Yet longing for tomorrow
Tomorrow is when all my dreams
Will be fulfilled
A lifetime of emptiness
Will be a shadow of the past
Finally, I will be complete
Mind, body and sould
Will come together as one
You, my dear, the missing link
Tomorrow I will awake
With a sparkle in my eyes
A spring in my step
And laughter in my heart
I will know wholeness as never before
Tomorrow I will believe
In angels...
In happiness...
In love...

Inspiration ...

After a very emotionally exhausting day I found myself staring out the window, tears flowing down my cheeks for what seemed like no apparent reason. Frustration over the what "should be's" in life suffocating the reality of what is. I searched around me for inspiration. At 40 I know what life is all about and still I'm berated by my jealous spirit. Jealousy is such a negative affect. It blackens the soul and swallows one spirit. It was only when I viewed my sisters blog ( that I found myself at peace. My sister is such an amazing individual. She gives from the heart more than one bargains for sometimes. Yes, tears still came but with them a sense of identity. And for the first time in a very long time I was able to look at her many blessings and feel happy instead of a pang of jealousy. She truly is my inspiration ... and as I find my path I know that she will be right here by my side full of wisdom and guidance!