Friday, June 26, 2009

Card and another Jr Legal Pad holder

It's Friday night and there is no way I can concentrate on homework. I have been struggling with some personal issues and the only way I find that I can escape to a happy place is when I sit down and craft. So tonight after the last of the daycare children shuffled out the door it was almost 8pm - I grabbed a few "toys" and whipped these up!

Everyone seems to be asking for these Jr.Legal pad holders ... even my Mom!

I love the Top Note die for the Big Shot!

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<3 Samantha

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quick page and cards ...

A few quick cards ...
The Happy Day card was for a relative. The page was made at our monthly Memory Makers night as well as the Flower Pot card.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Blogger Award ...

Today is one of those dreary days in Vermont. The sun keeps teasing us with a game of peek-a-boo while the pump from the pool sounds as if it is beckoning to take a well deserved plunge. After being disappointed with my MOJO picture yesterday, I decided to take a few minutes and see if I could find some info to help me take better pics. I happened to pop onto my blog for a moment and found this adorable award from Shell ( The timing of this award really touched me. Thank you so much Shell!!
I hope to brighten someone's day in much the same way!
Here are the rules for this award:
Thank the person who nominated you for the award. Copy the logo and place it on your blog. Link to the person who gave you the award. List 7 things about yourself that people may find interesting. Nominate 7 new Kreativ Bloggers. Post links to the new nominated blogs. Leave a comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

So the 7 things about myself 1. I've been married 15 years this July. 2. I have 3 sons, 20, 12 & 10 and 2 daughters 15 and 8. 3. My youngest two children are adopted. 4. I am a soon to be 41 year old Junior in College studying for my Bachelor of Psychology. 5. My family is my Salvation. 6. I am a child of God. 7. My sisters are my Inspiration!
Now for those that I'd like to pass this on to:
1. Marie....
2. Aaron...
3. Rachel...
4. Sarah..
5. Jamie...
6. DeeDee...
7.Tresa ...

Monday, June 22, 2009

MOJO 92`

Hi Everyone,
Just popping on to post this week's Mojo card. Things are pretty hectic ... I"ll catch you up later! Til' then - here's my card! I am not sure why my pictures aren't coming out well lately. When I look at the card sitting here on my desk it is so much prettier - the center flower is covered in liquid glass and with the bling it really sparkles. I just can't seem to capture it in the photo! Thanks for taking a peek!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday projects

I had such a relaxing day. My friend and "teacher" Michelle came over along with another dear friend and we sat around giggling like teenagers and crafting. I didn't let it bother me that I had oodles of homework, housework and so much more. Usually anxiety kicks in ... not today. I'm often reminded that life is too short to not take time to enjoy it!

For the projects I used both CTMH and Stampin Up products. I have fallen in love with the SU set called True Friends.

On top of all the fun - Michelle showed us how to make embellishments (flowers) out of toilet paper and then color with a sponge dauber. They are so cool! They have to dry but I"ll be sure to post one soon!

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful Dads out there!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Purse and Cards

Last night I took a break and enjoyed some craft time with a group of ladies. Under the direction of my good friend Michelle Deslandes, we made these adorable purse and cards set using stampin' up supplies and SU Raspberry Tart paper pack.

Everyone searches for those people that make life worth living,
those people who can make everything okay.
whether it be a boyfriend or girlfriend,
brother or sister,
or merely a friend-
And once we find these people,
we tend to keep them around for a while.
Sure there are times where we push them away
or fight with them,
but at the end of the day,
when it all comes down to it,
they're your people.
They've been through everything with you-
the laughs,
the tears.
They understand you,
they get you.
They've seen you grow and change,
and loved you all the while.
They've picked you up when you felt like life was crushing you down.
They've formed memories to last a lifetime.
Through it all, they're your people,
they just get you

Some cute little magnetic book marks. Hoping to get my corner bookmark done soon!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don't give up on me ...

Dear Friends,
This is a very hectic week. With the children transitioning to summer vacation, my childcare setting's structure is complete chaos. I'm nipping at some projects and will post over the next few days. I am enjoying a moment of 'play' here and there. Trying to come up with some cute book marks to post. I am also teaching a children's craft at our library tomorrow - Father's day cards and a little brag book! Stay tuned ...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ten minute grad card ...

Whew ... the weekend has passed and with it many tears accompanied by laughter as another generation of the family end theirs high school journey to begin a whole new journey ... graduation is such a milestone in one's life. My sister in law graduated high school with special honors, my niece graduated high school and another niece graduated 8th grade. I remember the birth of each of them and cherish the moments I shared along their journey. I'm busy with my own studies so my post is short and sweet! I hope to have much to post over the next couple of weeks as I take time for some crafting stress breaks! (I am totally not prepared for summer - daycare children inviding my home sometimes clashes with my children's idealism of 'summer vacation'! LOL) Thanks for stopping by and taking a quick peek!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Freeplay ...

A while back I was lucky enough to stumble across this project from Booth #32 and now visit her site regularly.

Creative juices are flowing all around me...

The day light breaks again
Another day has begun.

But still no sleep has come.
My body is weary

My mind overworked.
I lie awake thinking

But what I am unsure.
I need to break free from the cycle I endure.

Everyday is the same and the nights are undistinguished.
I feel as though I am being pushed along with the tide

Unable to break free from the everyday flow.
This is not me I need to change, before time takes over

And I am unable to change.
I need to be freed from the grasp of ordinary

And become that person I have always longed for.
Express myself in every way, and conquer the dreams as I lie awake.

Then I may fall asleep and put my mind to rest.
Make changes in my life and help those in need.

I would like to touch everyone's life in a positive way
And leave my mark on society before I fade away.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fathers Day, craft play and a breather!

What an insane week! I would love to be able to clone myself so that I can be everywhere that I need to be! I decided that I was pedaling so fast to keep up that I needed to take a breather ... I am trying to find the courage to open a craft table at our small town celebration on the 4th of July along with other vendors - pray I find the courage (the table is already rented!) I took a couple of hours and managed to produce a few father's day cards and some mini candy bar holders. The rest of the time I spent drooling over everyone's blogs and creations! I would welcome some advice on how to get some followers! A blog giveaway perhaps?
Hope to post again tomorrow! Off to Stampland!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mojo Midweek ....

There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day. My house if full of children demanding attention, dustballs and piles of laundry calling my name and the never ending mound of homework ... and I wonder why MOJO slipped my mind this week!! Here it is - my attempt though after looking at some of the others I am not sure this one is worthy for #90!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Friends Warmth ...

The warmth of a friend's presence brings joy to our hearts, sunlight to our souls, and pleasure to all of life...

How lucky I was to have my good friend Michelle visit me for some crafting time. My children were spending the day with my sister, so I decided to take advantage of a quiet house and enjoy some 'girl time'. About two hours into our crafting a car pulls in the driveway and it's my sister -my children wanted to come home! As much as I welcomed their arrival, I worried that my dear friend Michelle might want to take cover from the chaos and return to her quiet home (she and her husband do not have children). A house full of eight children did not scare her away. I felt truly blessed as she sat across the table from me sharing her creative talents and good conversation. Though she worked on some boy cards (that took my breath away!), I managed to toss together some small projects and a card purse (holds cards inside-yes, I finished those too but didn't take pictures). I leave you with a peaceful heart ... until next time :)

Who refreshes others will be refreshed. -Proverbs 11:25

These cute cards have a small cellophane bag with lollipops inside ... they are so cute!

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Monday, June 1, 2009


I am so thankful that my sister Marie encouraged me to start giving the MOJO Monday sketch a shot. It seems to be my most productive way of getting anything done! And today ... it was Mojo Monday 1/2 hour lunch ... yup - she's beginning to rub off on me! She is truly amazing and a blessing in my life! ( Please pray that we are able to see each other at the end of the summer (she lives in Colorado and I live in Vermont!).
This is only my 3rd MOJO card. Feeback and following is always welcome!