Friday, June 19, 2009

Purse and Cards

Last night I took a break and enjoyed some craft time with a group of ladies. Under the direction of my good friend Michelle Deslandes, we made these adorable purse and cards set using stampin' up supplies and SU Raspberry Tart paper pack.

Everyone searches for those people that make life worth living,
those people who can make everything okay.
whether it be a boyfriend or girlfriend,
brother or sister,
or merely a friend-
And once we find these people,
we tend to keep them around for a while.
Sure there are times where we push them away
or fight with them,
but at the end of the day,
when it all comes down to it,
they're your people.
They've been through everything with you-
the laughs,
the tears.
They understand you,
they get you.
They've seen you grow and change,
and loved you all the while.
They've picked you up when you felt like life was crushing you down.
They've formed memories to last a lifetime.
Through it all, they're your people,
they just get you

Some cute little magnetic book marks. Hoping to get my corner bookmark done soon!

Thanks for stopping by!


Sarah said...

How cute are these!!! And your little purse and cards...gorgeous!
I am glad you got to have some craft time!

Dee Dee said...

Love, Love, Love the purse and card set!! Great Job!!

Michelle said...

I loved seeing the bling you added to your purse and cards, it was a nice touch!