Friday, April 16, 2010

A Gracious Heart ...

My 'Award'

I remember the first time I met her. My friend Deanna asked me if I wanted to attend a craft night with her. I had become a CTMH consultant and thought this would be a great outlet to learn some new techniques. I received a sincere welcome when I walked in the door and new I was embarking on something amazing. The chatter and laughter was such a lift to my over-stressed spirit. That was a year and a half ago and the hostess is now my Stampin’ UP upline and a very dear friend.

When I first made ‘the switch’ to Stampin’ Up last July I laughed at how new demonstrators called their uplines their “mother” and the other members of the team their sisters. I have a clear understanding now. Stampin’ Up is so much more than crafting … it is truly a family in every essence of the word. Michelle Deslandes is more than my upline. She is the bound that holds us all together. She is inspiration with a passion that lifts our discouraged hearts.

This week Michelle held a monthly demonstrator meeting during which she presented her downline with ‘awards’. It touched me beyond depth. She made us individualized bracelets (from the SU collection of course!) and each bracelet had one charm recognizing our accomplishments. For every recruit and every promotion we receive a charm … mine had two! I hope that she knows how much she is appreciated – not for the ‘gift’ but for letting us know she is there for each and every one of us … to guide us and help us reach our goals!

We made these cards under her guidance and then shared some show and tell and a card front swap. My “sisters” gave me permission to post their work on my blog so I will be sharing their amazing talent with all of you!

To My Me-Shel ... "You have turned my morning into joyful dancing."   ~ PSALM 30:11-12
Here is the card I made for the Swap!

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Ret said...

Hi Samantha, Beautiful card!!! I saw your post in LNS regarding followers. I went to your blog and as I was reading...I was so delighted to discover you're from the wonderful "north country"!!! I've spent most of my life living in Saranac Lake, NY & spent alot of time at relatives in Westport (just on the other side of Champy's Lake!!!) hehe My Mom & I use to go over to Burlington & Virginnes, craft shopping many, many years ago. 9 Years ago I married & moved to his hometown in Nova Scotia, Canada. I really miss family & friends, and those wonderful Mountains!!! I bet you & your daughter are excited to be going to "American Idol"!!! woohooo have fun. I totally understand what you wrote about your Upline (MOM) and side line...(sisters)!!! It's wonderful to be a member of Stampin Up, isn't it!! I'm going to go & continue looking at your art & blog. Say hi to "Champ" for me. LOL
Ret Cudmore