Thursday, April 8, 2010

Re-entry into the craft world and Reflection

Almost ready to run from the daily responsibilities of life ... I sat down last night and decided that time for me was as valuable as time for everyone else.  So I made a card and felt this heavy weight being lifted ... now I understand what it is all about!   I've been busy with work, school and caring for my mom and I've neglected my blog which is something I hold very dear and have challenged myself to get to 100 followers in 2010.  After my daughters Sweet 16 tomorrow and a weekend getaway with her a few of her friends I hope to return refreshed and ready to take on that goal!

Thought For The Day
Make the Most of Where You Are

By Author Unknown
Wherever you are, be there fully.
For where you are is where you can most effectively act and live.

If you're constantly wishing that you were somewhere else, you diminish the opportunities for where you are now.
When your thoughts are in another place or time, your actions lose much of their effectiveness.

It's great to dream, to plan, to aspire, to reach for new and improved circumstances.
And yet the way to successfully do that is by being the best you can be in the place where you now find yourself.

It's great to keep yourself focused on an ambitious goal.
And that focus is the most effective when it is crafted from the perspective of where you are now.

To successfully travel the path from here to there, you must start with being fully here.
The more you give your attention and energy to making the most of where you are, the more quickly you'll move along that path.

There is much to be accomplished, much to be lived in every place and in every moment.
Be there fully for all of them, and life will be rich indeed.
~ ~ ~ ~ 

Happy Crafting!



Jamie Harder said...

Your card is beautiful and so is the thought for the day!! I am glad you had time to craft today - it is so important to have our "me" time isn't it?

DeStampin'Corner said...

Lovely card! Take care of yourself and stamp more for relaxation. I need that too and it makes me happy when I get to stamp.

Raberta said...

I love this stamp set, and your card is beautiful. I've just become a follower. :)

Quick question, where did you get the black block you've got your paper piercer stuck in?

Carole said...

Your blog looks great and I love this card! I became a follower (saw your post on LNS). Like you, I am committed to taking the time to create again. I've come to realize I just have to do it. A weekend, day, or even an evening usually doesn't just open up for me to retreat to my craft room. I've recently redone my blog and will be participating in challenges to get those creative juices flowing.