Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hello Friends ... Old and New!

It seems like a lifetime has passed since I visited my blog and shared my love of crafting with the cyber world. So many changes have taken place, not only in my desire to find my niche in the craft business, but in myself as I move forward in life.  Things that used to seem so important to me now seem so trivial.  Much of the change comes from caring for my mom.  She is such an amazing woman.  I watch her struggle daily to remain here with us and I think of what a selfless sacrifice she is making. 
She suffers from chronic COPD and is on oxygen 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  She has not left her home for almost two years (except for medical appointments).  As I witness her daily weakening, a bit of me grows to appreciate life 'in the moment'.  I realize I have wasted valuable time and energy in my yearnings for things I did not have.  I realize that what I have, family and faith, makes me one of the richest and strongest persons in the world.  I am learning to accept my weaknesses, embrace my strengths and yes, I am slowly learning to trust in God again.  Thank you mom ... I Love You!

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inkedx2 said...

Love the new look! Great to see you back even if it is only to post an update. Think of you often and will continue to check to see how things are going.