Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Children - My Blessings

I couldn’t help from smiling. I was finishing up “color time” with a group of preschoolers this afternoon when I was drawn to the window. I watched my ten year old son struggle with an overflowing bucket of sap as he headed toward his father and the collection barrel. I think about how much I dislike Vermont weather with its unpredictable weather patterns and forget about precious moments as this. I was reminded of a daily prayer that is one of my favorites and I found myself praying.

My Heavenly Father,
Amid the chaotic busyness of our everyday lives You remind me of what a privilege it is to raise my children. Thank You for the rich blessing they are as they noisily run through my house and my days. You know the ways that my heart is tied to theirs, feeling their successes – and their hurts. Thank you for equipping me to raise them.
My children have provided the best years – and the most difficult and exhausting years – of my life; but I am grateful for the hard work, the companionship and the fun of raising them. Thank you for the reminder that these years are not permanent so that I appreciate the most mundane moments as well as the frustrating and exhilarating times. Each minute, each hour and each experience bonds my heart to their hearts.
I am grateful that You have entrusted me to disciple and care for these young ones. Thank you for the wonderful gift they are to me.

Here is a card I made for my mom - she was looking for a bday card for her sister's birthday. I used the silhouette paper pack, Celebrate Life

stamp set and black ink.

I made this card with my 'creative teacher' Michelle using Stampin Up products. We also made fun easter baskets and match books!

PS - I'll post pictures of my little miracles gathering sap and making syrup this weekend!


Juanita said...

How sweet!! You made me cry... I also have a 10 year old and a 12 year old, it makes me sad to see them grow up!

Marie said...

Hey Girl!
Nice work on the sisters card! It is really pretty. I also like the stuff you made with Michelle.
Did you write the prayer or did it come from that book you told me about? You'll have to tell me the name of it again. Nice!! Love you.

AaronB said...

Great card, and I love the basket!

scrap your heart out with Jen said...

Your beautiful prayer made my heart heavy, but that is a good thing. I have 7 children and I know I don't always appreciate them. The challenges are everywhere. Your prayer helped me to get my priorities straight. Thanks, May I borrow it for my blog? I could use a daily reminder. I'll give you credit.

Vanessa Middleton said...

Ohhh, I love the butterfly card you made for your mom's sister. That's really pretty!