Thursday, August 20, 2009

Botched MOJO100 Day 1,bday card and my mom

Standing at the kitchen sink with my back to the door I jumped unexpectedly when my dog began barking – her way of letting me know someone is here. My immediate reaction is frustration – it’s been a very challenging week with extra daycare kids, school preparations for my own children as well as myself and the never ending TO DO list keeps growing and growing. An “intrusion” of my sparse time did not sound welcoming. I dried my hands and turned to the door just in time to see my 80 pound struggling to open the door with a large box in her hands. I dashed to help her as it made a big KaPLUNK on my table. I looked at her in bewilderment… you must know that my mother is not well and every little physical action on her part sends her gasping for breath - “What in the world are you doing?” I asked as she leaned over the table. “This came today – open it”, she gasped shakily. Inside the box was a brand new toaster. “Happy belated birthday”, she smiled. As tears began to well in my eyes she explained that she heard me saying I needed a new toaster just a few days earlier. In that moment I felt overwhelmed with emotions – a surge of excitement because yes I did need a new one, but more so was the admiration and love I felt for this woman standing beside me. My mom struggles with finances living on her own after my step-father passed away four years ago. I was reminded of her selfless acts. Even though her children are grown adults raising their own families, she doesn’t hesitate to make sacrifices for the wants and needs of everyone around her. I dream about giving her the world someday … and pray that someday comes before it’s too late!

*** the top card was my take on MOJO monday 100 - day one. I didn't end up posting because I didn't like how it turned out. ***

--- the second card is just a bday card I made during nap ---

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Sarah said...

I Miss my Mom! I get to see her soon though...
Love your cards.

Marie with a :-) said...

These cards are so cute! I ordered this stamp set with my freebies from my last home gathering :-) .
Hope you are feeling better soon.
Give mom a (gentle) hug from me. Do you know is she got the card I just sent when I sent yours?
Love ya