Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MOJO98 and a little note

I'm sitting here with my feet in a warm soak and decided that I better slow down and take a moment to touch base with my blogging friends. My sister Marie, known to my blogging friends as Marie with a :-), left Monday after a week long visit with her family to Vermont. I can not express the love and respect I have for her in words. She lifts my spirits to a place where I feel so free. She is one of the very rare individuals I can share anything with and know that I will not be judged. It was hard to say goodbye and knowing that she is so far away brings tears to my eyes. For anyone who has been blessed to welcome her into their lives understands all too well what a truly special person she is.
I have had a very difficult time crafting. In a previous post, I shared a picture of the children I care for. We had held a childcare fundraiser/lawnsale on July 24th. When the sale was finished I posted the leftover items on a freecycle list as I felt that someone out there could use the items we had. (Now let me say, there were lots of items left over). The items that needed to be brought into my home were put on the front porch to bring inside the next morning. When we woke, we found that the items on the porch had been taken also. Now I understand that material items can be replaced, however; one tote was filled with scrap booking / card making items which included a box of ALL the handmade cards I have made since I began a couple of years ago. My heart is broken and my creative side frozen. The stamp sets, punches, paper etc. can be replaced but not the piece of my soul that is carried with each of these cards and projects.
I tried a MOJO today ... I was saddened that it was void of the exhilaration I typically feel when I create something.


Sarah said...

Sammie! I came to this post thinking to say how much I was hoping you had had a wonderful time with your sister!...instead I read that awful news. I am SO SORRY! What a dreadful thing to have happen. I would be devastated. (((((((((Sammie)))))))))) here is a cyber hug!
I wish I could help you! Let me know if I can do anything!

jaydee said...

Samantha, I'm so sorry this happened. I know you poured your heart and every fiber of your creative being into those creations. Like Sarah, I'm sending you a huge cyberhug to let you know that I'm thinking of you. I was reading your blog and you have a fabulous soul and almost all of the things on your blog made me smile.... this made me sad.

Marie with a :-) said...

I have been praying that you will get another phone call about this stuff and that the person will feel some tugs at the heart to return it. I thought I was sad about losing my camera until I realized that it is indeed material, and apart from a few pictures, completely replaceable.
Thanks for all your generosity and kindness you showed to my entire clan. Alyssa described you as "motherly" - I think she meant nurturing by are always taking care of people. Love you lots!

Marie with a :-) said...

In my previous rambling, I forgot to mention how pretty your card is!

DeStampin'Corner said...

I'm so sorry for what have happened. I pray that those things will get return to you. I'm very new here at your blog but what've read you are a very sweet and caring person. Big cyber hug to you.

Your card is very beautiful!

Alanna said...

First, I'm so glad that you had a chance to visit with family and Marie.

Second, I'm so sad that someone would take items that they weren't supposed to. I know I would be devastated. I'm also sending you a hug.

Oh, and your card is very pretty. I'm sorry that you weren't able to feel your typical joy when making it.

Always Playing with Paper said...

Oh wow!! Such a soft and pretty card!!! I haven't had time to make my Mojo Card!!! Must get to it!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

Lesley :)

sawitten said...

I'm sorry to hear your stuff was stolen. I was at church one Wednesday evening and I left my scrapbook tote in my car with all my tools in it. (The expensive tools.) Somebody stole it. = ( Well, in your blog you said you have 2 choices, its hard. Moving on... I'm so happy that you had a good time with your sister. I wish I had one, and your card is amazing!