Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stampin' Up - it's a Family thing.

Left to Right: me, husband Blaine, Kaetlyn, Sayde, Ryan
Sitting (floor)  L to R: Caleb, Steele
Discovering My Why ... I've been soul searching over the past few days.  Our upline challenged each of us to write our why statement.  I thought to myself "that's simple, I was buying the product myself so I might as well get a discount".  Last night I was sitting at the table with my youngest child - 9 yr old Kaetlyn- playing around with some new stamps from the Holiday Mini trying to come up with a card front for a Christmas swap.  My daughter whispered to me "can I stamp too Mommy"?  My heart melted as I watched her eyes begin to twinkle as I slowly began to nod my head.  It reminded me of the pitter patter I felt the first time I held a stamp in my hand.  It was like a wow moment ... this is what it's all about.  Building relationships and I knew that she and I were doing just that ... as mother and daughter.  This moment, I realized was one to build on and I know that many more are in store for us.  (I will post the card she made tomorrow - I don't have access to my camera ... I left it at the family reunion today - but don't tell my sisters or they'll induct me in their club -"Forgotten, Misplaced or Lost"! LOL
Here's to another very blessed day!

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