Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Uh Oh - MOJO

My daughter took one look at my MOJO 96 attempt this week and said, "Mom, please tell me you aren't going to post that!" After seeing this ... I hope one of my blogging buddies will recommend a good photo editing software program! I love the colors I used for this challenge, however; I can not get them to show up in their "true colors". Looking forward to your comments and suggestions!



Dana Joy said...

You did a fantastic job on this card. I use Adobe Elements 7 and I love it. Super easy to use too.

Sankari W. said...

What a sweet card Samie!!! I love those colors together!! and the bling on the circle is perfect! I wish I had Adobe CS4 - but maybe someday :) i use CS2... but something else I found out about was changing the settings on my camera and using the manual mode with the macro feature that really helped adjust the picture as I was taking it ---
whoever you gets this card will LOVE it!!!
best wishes!
Sankari :)

Michele said...

Great job with the card, and love the color combo.

My Creative Outlet by Janna said...

Hi Samie,

Thanks for your kind words on my blog! Your card is fantastic! Pictures can be tricky :( I am without a camera...I only have my cell camera! I "built" a photo box and lined it with a white sheet and just use a standard lamp. It seems to improve the quality of my pics without having to get any special software. I'd be happy to share what I did if you are interested :)

Carla said...

Hi Samie -
Your card is so pretty!! love the bling!
Sorry - I don't really have any suggestions on photo editing software - I have a Kodak camera and use the Kodak Easyshare software to edit my photos. Seems to work for me! Good luck!

Jane ... said...

Samie, your card design and colors are so pretty! I use Adobe PSE7 also, and you can get a free 30 day trial at the Adobe web site. I also find it helps to photograph in natural light with the flash turned off. Hope that helps a little!

Sarah said...

Sammie that Mojo card is great. Very pretty.
I am going through the same thing you are...I can't decide whether I need to update the camera or the editing software.
I downloaded Picasa 3 from google which is FREE and it is pretty good. I use it a lot. My Dad is bringing me his full photoshop disc over...but any of the photoshop stuff is Wayyyy expensive. The full adobe photoshop is $600!!!!
I have decided a new camera is what I need.
I also built myself a lightbox to take my pics in which really helped.
Thanks for your great comments on my blog Sammie!!!

Alanna said...

Great card. I too struggle with taking good pictures. You're definitely not alone.

dannette said...

Hi Samie, I wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I am also in the SBS 28.Cute take on the challenge! I love the colors you used! Hugs, Dannette