Friday, September 25, 2009

As promised ... Open House sneak peak!

Whew, I think I can finally sit down for a minute and catch my breath! Yes, I'll take time to breathe but refuse to stay still long enough to think! I am planning my SU Open House tomorrow and am so nervous that few will attend. It is hard in such a small town to get the word out though I have hung up posters and sent oodles of email newslettere. I feel confident about the projects that I have prepared (you'll have to visit again to see those!). I have tables set up - one with projects and pages that I have made, another with catalogs and advertising promo and my make and take tables. I have all the refreshments ready to go and can not believe the time and energy it takes to put this together! I'm sharing a few pictures with you though these are not the projects we will be doing ... don't want to give those away. So tomorrow I will have to return to post pictures of the make and takes and the tables I have set up. I am asking you to please say a prayer for a successful day for me! Your friendship and guidance is a blessing!

PS - the second to the last card will NOT be on display! It is horrible!! But in the quest to find the right combination we must share out "not so good" projects also! (I did however like the color combination)

Have a great weekend!


Marie with a :-) said...

Wow, Girl, I thought you had fibro? You certainly don't act like it! That's ALOT of time, work and creativity on display. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of your wonderful work tomorrow...right now I'm going to go lift up some prayers. Love ya!

DeStampin'Corner said...

These are great projects! I'll pray for great turn out for you! Let us know how you do. Can't wait to see your make n' take!