Thursday, September 3, 2009

Need Halloween Ideas ...

I have to know ... has anyone ever sat down to craft and just stared at the wonderful supplies piled in front of them and not known what to do or where to begin? I am not sure if it the stress of school or the fact that I haven't been feeling my best ... but I just can't seem to find my creative self floating around here somewhere. I need to plan an open house in three short weeks and am stuck in a rut. I had about 20 minutes to spare so I put this quick little box together that I thought I would make for my daycare children this year - fill with shredded tissue paper and treats. I am going to work on some xmas ideas over the long weekend - in between homework assignments!
Check back soon ...
Thanks for visiting!
And to all those who sent well wishes - your blessings lifted my spirits! Thank you so much!

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Sarah said...

Your little box is super cute! I know what you mean about mojo. All this stuff and I am avoiding my space as I have no inspiration.
Read a never know where inspiration will be...hee hee I found some in the label of my jeans!(inspiration that is.)