Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stampin' Up blog is back ...


I have to apologize for being MIA lately.  I was working on my blog trying to figure out how in the world all you bloggers add links to your sidebars.  In doing so, my blog disappeared.  I decided to log on and was prepared to start from scratch when... voila!  My blog is here!  I am not sure I am going to attempt to add links until my sister Marie is feeling better and I can beg her to help me out!
I woke up early on Monday morning and decided the house was quiet and it would be the perfect time to whip up a card or two.  I made the first card and thought "wow, that's plain" so I played around with the Beary Best stamp set and tried a couple of different layers.
This is my final week of courses - definitely stressed to the max trying to get finals done.  I have two weeks off and then it's back for Summer Semester.  I applied for a waiver for the Internship requirements and would appreciate prayers that the college accepts my application.  I really want to graduate in December and have put every ounce of energy I could into getting there!
I hope all is well with my fellow bloggers!  I will catch up on blog posts soon!


Marie and Alyssa said...

Awesome set of cards!!!! Your photos are really good, too. Especially when clicked on an seen up close. Great job. You forgot to mention that in the midst of all the other chaos, you have a trip to HOLLYWOOD!!!

DeStampin'Corner said...

It is nice you are able to blog again! I know what you mean trying to put special stuff on the side bar of your blog. Took me a long time to figure things out and then I will forget how to do it the next time I try to do it again.

Beautiful cards!

Anonymous said...

You are my inspiration for blogging Sam.....Its one of my new goals to figure it out! I like your new cards...Lord knows we have had awful weather and its been best to be inside,,,,how fabulous to craft....