Thursday, May 21, 2009

Family - Friends and Fun

Some days I find my emotions on a roller coaster ride. I'm laughing one minute and crying the next.

I started my day thinking it was Friday. My husband began his vacation and did yard work, opened the swimming pool and camper and spent the day listening to the sounds of a house full of daycare children giggling (whining a tad bit) and just loving their "Samie". I tried to keep up knowing that my sister Valerie was due to arrive at my mom late afternoon.

As my day winded down, and the house filled with daycare parents the phone rang and it was my amazing sister Marie thanking me for a little gift box delivered to her doorstep. Just hearing her voice and knowing that she was so far away made me heart stop for a minute - oh how I wanted to just be able to give her a big hug and let her know how precious she is to me.

While trying to hear her on the other end of the phone, my daughter and husband burst in the door saying "Aunt Val is here!" Again my heart stopped. What joy my sisters bring to me. My heart fills with so much love and admiration every time I hear their voice!

To add a final blessing to my day, Val and I hopped in the car to see my other sister Jessie coaching her daughters softball game.

Family is everything!

Now for the projects ... last night I joined two of my friends for a craft night. The night was filled with so much laughter. We started the night making a card to be donated to the Ronald McDonald house (we do this at every monthly meeting). Then we made this amazing fold card, a scrapbook page and a little Matchbox.


Marie said...

I am soooo loving that calendar page. That also gave me the idea to create a calendar page with "my girls" each month so we'll all have a calendar done next year. I guess if I start in June, we'll have to do two a month. Anyway, typical Marie...I digress...Great projects. And this sister is envious that the rest of you were all together! Love you lots.

AK Stamper said...

Hey Samie, so glad that you are able to have family around you to encourge you & just be there for you! Keep your chin up & love every moment you have with them!

Shell in Alaska

AaronB said...

Love the page, and what a great thing to make cards for Ronald McDonld's house. I am inspired by you!