Monday, May 18, 2009

Mojo87 Monday

It seems as though today was one of those Monday's where I should have just stayed in bed. I woke to a young child saying "Good morning Samie"! Yikes - I had overslept and my first daycare child arrives at 5:15 a.m. I put her back to sleep and rushed upstairs to get ready before the others came pummeling through the door at 6:30. I think everyone must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed ... all I heard was whining an cranking all day! To top it off ... I forgot to get a gift for my Mother In Law's birthday! I'll be mud for sure! I hurried to whip up a MOJO card - yup this one shouldn't even be posted! I noticed that my big square which I had set in a diamond position with a small square inside shifted and I hadn't realized it until I was typing this post ... like I said it's Monday!!! and my MOJO just didn't want to go! LOL
Happy Monday to all my friends!


Marie said...

Hey Girl,
Thanks for being the first I shared the happy news with today :-) Keep praying! I like your's a perfect way to add sparkles to a MONDAY! Quit underestimating rock!

Sarah said...

I Like this card!!!
I think it's a great Mojo card.
If you can keep your cool in a daycare situation at are already winning.
I linked your blog and some of your cards on my May 17th post Hope that's OK!