Thursday, May 14, 2009


Have you ever had one of those moments that you find yourself lost in thought remembering a special moment shared with a cherished person? Lately I have been thinking a lot about moments in my life when I felt completely relaxed and happy. Ironically, the phone rang today and the voice on the other end sounded like an angel whispering in my ear. How can two friends bare the depths of their souls and then cease all communication? It was as though we both new we needed a friend to talk to and fate guided us to reach out. I am still smiling and looking forward to reconnecting!

I decided that I have had this blank Memory Keeper from Close to My Heart sitting around for months collecting dust. When crafting I tend to find my comfort zone and fear stepping outside the circle and trying anything different. After braving my first MOJO Monday, I decided to play with my box. Since my Tickled Pink set has been here for a month also -it was an easy choice to pull it from the shelf and create this simple box! I used all CTMH products - my favorite of course is the bit of bling! Special thanks to my sister Marie ( for her encouragement to believe in my creativity!


Marie said...

Beautiful! I should have sent you my "tickled pink" paper...I'll put it in my next box :-) Looks like you had a productive day!

Sarah said...

VERY pretty! You made an awesome box!
It is a challenge to look at the blank canvas of this box and create something. You did it, and you did it so well!

Jane ... said...

Love your tickled pink memory keeper box, Samie! These aren't easy projects--but how rewarding it feels to complete one! I hope you keep some special treasures in it! Enjoy your holiday weekend--Blessings! (How neat to find out that you and Marie are sisters--you've both been so encouraging to me through your blog comments, thanks!)