Monday, May 4, 2009


As a mom to five children, a college student, a childcare provider, mentor, wife ... I allow little time for replenishing my energy. Every moment is spent meeting the needs of those around me that I have forgotten that I, too, have needs -physical, emotional and spiritual. I realized that if I do not attend to my own needs at some point or other I will fail at meeting the needs of those I most care about and stray from who I am. I took a few hours to attend an afternoon craft gathering at my friend Deanna's house and was blessed to meet an amazing SU demonstrator (visit her at Listening to her share her 'journey' with us really inspired me to think about my goals. Not only is she extremely talented, it was obvious that she was true to herself! She inspired us to 'think outside the box' and the two pages below were created under her guidance (I added a little of my own touch).

I am going to use this layout when I find the "just right" picture of my 20 yr old son and I. I was reminded of how much I cherished each and every moment of raising him and though he has begun his journey into adulthood I am blessed by his "I love you's" every day!

This was a fun, colorful page that I couldn't just have a flower or two ...

Have a Sunshine Day!!


Marie said...

Hurray for you! What pretty layouts :-) I might have to "lift" the tire swing in the tree :-)

Sarah said...

WOW that first one is amazing! The second one is fun and bright. You have to take time for you...As a mother it's always about everyone else...You need YOU time.
I can only hope my kids say "I Love You" when they get to 20!

AK Stamper said...

Hey Samie, Welcome to the Sisterhood of Blogging #28....looking forward to getting to know you better.
Come visit me sometime at

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