Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life ...

The pressures of this life seems to be all around me - financial and health concerns, worries about my family, concern about the future of our nation. Some days I can keep it all in perspective and push away the care, but other days I feel as if I am carrying a great big heavy sack on my back.
I am not even sure how I should pray for many of these circumstances. I found that it is best to simply invite You into each situation and ask that You bathe all of them with your presence and Your influence. When my burdens seems heavier than I can carry, I hand them over to You. On my small frame they simply weigh me down but you are great enough to hold them all.
I think of me dear sister and all she has taught me about trusting You. I am beginning to understand that often the greatest way that we come to know You better is through our burdens, so thank You for the privilege of growing to know You. These were some of the little "sandwiches" I made for Teacher Appreciation week at the kids school. We made over forty of them and then made a couple of paper boxes to hold them.
I was so excited to sneak out for some more 'girl time' last night. My friend Deanna introduced me to another CTMH consultant that only lives 25 miles away! She led us in making six layout pages in less two hours! It would take me two weeks on my own! Thank you Jeni Dutil!!

Here is the second two page layout. I didn't realize the paper was overlapping when I put it down for picture taking!!

The final layout is my favorite. We stamped the background - I started out with a piece of white cardstock and did a bit of second generation and random stamping. Then we sanded cardstock frames. I was awed by my finished product! Jen introduced the Bella colors for this layout!

To make the end of me a bit brighter ... my first party was almost $350! How exciting! Here's to a couple of weeks off before semester begins - lots of paper crafting so check back ... and remember to follow my blog!

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Marie said...

I love the sandwiches! And I totally love the hand stamped designer paper. All of the layouts are great. As your sister, and one who enjoys seeing your photos, I'm going to challenge you to post them WITH PHOTOS on them :-)
Kudos on your great party!!!!!!