Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mom and Me Club fun

What a great day.  I was up early and ready to get things in order for my first Mom and Me club meet.  The guys got up and headed out for a "man's breakfast" and my two daughters were still gone from their sleepovers so I had the house to myself.  I danced around sweeping and dusting while blasting Casting Crowns ... I'm not sure my dog will ever recover from that visual.   I had five mother/daughter teams arrive for a fun crafting afternoon.  The house was filled with laughter and bonds were created.  The club was a hit and we booked our date for February!  I am so excited!  I needed a boost to get my business up and going.  Now if only I could book a workshop.  My goals for 2010 inlcude getting my first workshop booked and at least six to follow that!  I know to many that sounds like such a small number but it would be enough to give me the confidence I need to keep going! 
     The treat bag I'm sharing in this blog were inspired by Chic n Scratch.  I love this little treat bag! It was a 'hit' with the girls today! The chocolate bar "book" was inspired by Connie Babbert Inkspired Treasures

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DeStampin'Corner said...

these are beautiful projects! your mother and me club sounds fun! Can I come too?