Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who'd I case?

You would think that I have been out of school for years rather than just a month's hiatus.  I can not seem to get back into the routine of homework.  I am usually a woman full of energy and known for my 'bubbly' personality.  So why feeling so drag?  I have so much to do to prepare for my very first Mom and Me club this Sunday as well as a demonstrator meeting at my upline Michelle Deslandes.  I could not come up with a quick 3d project to swap.  In searching the files on my computer, I found these cute little bunnies from last year.  It was before my blogging days and I do not know who in the world I cased them from.  I was pleased with how they turned out and managed to get them all finished tonight.  My (almost 16 yr old) daughter fell in love with them and wants me to make some for her friends... in my "spare" time.  It seems that since SU introduced their new website the blogging world has slowed down a bit.  I have made a commitment to allow myself only ten to twenty minutes a day to sign in, see what's new and maybe add a quick post.  All of you were my first inspiration and I am thankful for all the support I have found among you!  Now ... to tackle a quick load of laundry and a chapter of homework.


Marie with a :-) said...

How sweet! I'm with Sayde - love 'em!

DeStampin'Corner said...

These are soooo cute!

Sarah said...

Soooo cute!